Best indoor climbing plants

Indoor Climbing Plants

These climbing plants are suitable for growing indoors, up central supports in pots, on trellis or as room dividers, and around windows. Cissus antarctia, the Kangaroo Vine of Australia, has already been described. Cissus discolor of Java is much more tender than C. antarctia, but is a most beautiful foliage plant for heated rooms providing a winter minimum temperature of 13 deg C can be maintained. It has long, heart shaped and pointed, velvety-green leaves, marbled white between the veins and with purple and crimson tinting.

Cobea scandens from tropical America, is an ornamental climber of such rapid growth that it can come into flower, from seed, in a very few months. It climbs by tendrils with pinnate leaves, made up of oval leaflets, and its flowers are carried on single stems, about 6 inches long. The flowers themselves, large and bell-shaped, are pale green at first, changing with age to violet-blue. Pot culture helps control its growth, but judicious pruning may be needed during the early stages. During summer it needs frequent watering and light, airy conditions. In winter the plant can be rested until early spring in a minimum temperature of 7° to 10°C, then pruned severely and the soil top-dressed. Propagation is by seed or it can be treated as an annual and replaced each year, thus avoiding housing it during the dormant period.

Ficus radicans variegata is a small leaved creeping, or climbing, fig with leaves up to 2 ½ inches long, an inch across and tapering to a point, with the leaf edged slightly waved. It is difficult to keep and needs a warm and moist atmosphere. The thin branches, which will trail or climb, are thickly covered with the cream or green leaves and side shoots are produced naturally, although stopping will encourage them.

Hoya carnosa has thick, glossy leaves, about 1 ½ to 3 inches in length. It will tolerate cool conditions and flower in warmer ones. The plants climb easily and have aerial roots. The variety variegata is often grown for its foliage, and rarely flowers.

Passiflora caerulea is a half hardy climber often grown for its profuse foliage. It is usually known as the Passion Flower and has been given this name because it is said to bear, in its curiously formed flowers, the instruments of the Crucifixion.

7 plants for healthier indoor air: need help!!!

2008-01-13 21:33:22 by Bigfoot1964

After reading the following article, I thought I would get some of these plants for my home. Can anyone help me locate a reasonably priced source for plants / seedlings / seeds in the near south suburbs? I would be looking for the following:

Christmas Cactus ( 2 for the bedrooms )

Rubber Plant ( 1 for living room )

Snake Plant ( 1 for bathroom, 1 for work )

Spider Plant ( 1 for computer room )

Muana Loa ( 1 for kitchen )

Any & all help appreciated. Sean

Houseplants can rid the air of the organic chemicals and toxins that cause asthma and other ailments

Plant needs drainage

2008-03-14 02:33:30 by twice_shy_nlli

Transplant your christmas cactus to a pot about the same size or maybe just a touch bigger as as the one it is in now, but one that has drainage holes. No drainage holes will eventually kill these plants.
These plants aren't really cactus plants, they are just called that as they sort of look like cacti. They prefer indoor temps & bright indirect light, but can take some morning sun as long as it isn't too hot. If the leaves start to develop a light tan or white coloring, it means they need more light and/or warmer temps. If the leaves develop a reddish tint, it means they are getting too much light and/or heat

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