Best Indoor Bamboo plants

Plants are wonderful things. They brighten our lives with their colours. They fill our senses with their wonderful scents. When we put them in our homes,they make our homes feel just a bit more exotic and wonderful. What we can see of them,we love,but it is what we can’t see that we should be really thankful for.

Every year,millions of people buy air fresheners for their homes. They spend money to clear the air when a plant does it,every day,free of charge. Plants take the particles and harmful CO2 out of the air in our homes and convert it to clean,crisp oxygen.

There are countless plants you can have in your home to brighten the look and freshen the air,but these are ten of the best.

  • African Violet: It is one of the easiest-flowering plants you can own. It is stunningly beautiful,and requires little in the way of maintenance. Just make sure you water at the roots,not on the leaves,as the shock of cold water can damage them.
  • Philodendron: There is a reason this plant is so popular as a house planet. They are very hardy,will do well next to any window,can handle neglect from homeowners and have no problem with low levels of sunlight.
  • Bamboo: It is more of a grass than a flowering plant,but bamboo,specifically Lucky Bamboo,is a great addition to any home. The water needs to be changed once every two weeks and they can handle little exposure from the sun.
  • Aloe Vera: It is a healing plant,well-known around the world for healing the skin. If you get a burn,put some of this plant on your burn and it will go away. This plant also thrives with very little care. It doesn’t need a lot of light,nor a lot of water.
  • Boston Fern: Common for a century now in homes,it does well in indirect light,but will need water on a regular basis.
  • Bromeliads: Jungle plants that love artificial light,it is no surprise this is such a popular plant.
  • Ice Cascade: Well-known as a very strong plant,the flowers will bloom in December to February. Needing about 10 to 15 hours of light a day,they can handle the drop in temperatures at night.
  • Ming Aralia: A little tree that looks great in any home,make sure it has moisture and warmth. It needs plenty of natural light,and frequent water in the spring to autumn. A plant that can really make your room look great.
  • Peace Lily: If you want good luck,this is the plant for it. Legend has it that anyone who owns a Peace Lily will have good luck. Keep it out of direct sunlight,and allow it to improve the air quality in your home. The Peace Lily improves air quality by removing toxins,including Benzene,from the air.
  • Spider Plant: Is there a plant more synonymous with houseplants? This plant can withstand nearly anything you throw at it and it is excellent at removing chemicals from the air in your home.
10 Best Houseplants to Grow

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2007-05-15 09:52:58 by foryouinkeeping

Indoor/outdoor cats confined when out of doors. I will be moving into a rental apt soon that has a deck off the kitchen, and then a few steps down to a dirt yard. The yard has low fencing which the cat could easily scale.
This cat I took in from the "wild" 3 years ago, and while tame in many ways, he still has the wild in him. If he does not go out each day in my current walled-in yard, he gets very anxious and cries. I suspect that in my new place, he'll prefer the dirt yard (for rolling around :-) versus the deck.
So I'm considering a few things.... a pet crate, but then won't he feel too confined in that? Maybe a "line" hooked up between two high points, and from that a leash is suspended

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